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May 10, 2024

I am writing this down to ask for your help in some way to assist me or anyone else who might have the

same issue.

In September of 2023 my husband passed away and my income was decreased considerably.  So, of 

course I am looking for ways to generate additional revenue.  I hope to be able to keep the small farm

that love.  I have had a website for my farm for several years and was thinking about making it an on line store.

On December 10, 2023, out of the blue I got a phone call from Dee Henson stating that she and her

partner Bob had a local company in Greenville, Simple.Biz.

They did web development and would like to "help" me to design a website for e-commerce.  I

specifically asked her about the cost and would I be able to do it myself.  I was told that it would be

$149.00 monthly and that I could cancel their services at any time when I felt that I had a satisfactory

site that I would manage it myself.  She took my information and Jeffrey O. contacted me who would 

be my Project Manager.  He made several contacts both by phone and e-mail.

After many attempts finally got my website up and running.  I was not happy with it as much of the

info was really not true and not about my farm but he told me that was okay.  After four months and 

$600.00 I felt that I could no longer afford their services.  I had no sales from the website and canceled.

I contacted Jeffrey by e-mail and placed a call but had to leave a message as no one ever answers the

phone.  that was on April 15th.  The next billing cycle was due April 18th.

I got a call a couple of days later from the accounting department stating they were having trouble with

payment.  I stated that I had canceled on the 15th. She checked with Jeffrey and he was aware of this.

I check my website each morning to see if there is any action needed.  On May 7th when I checked there

was a message that my website was unpublished and no longer available.  I placed a call to "Bob's"

number and had to leave a message.  The accounting department called me back about 2:00 pm and 

said there was nothing they could do. the account had been canceled.  I called again on May 8th and was told the site had to be "active" to be published and there was nothing she could do.

So the bottom line is they were paid $600.00 and I have nothing.  I don't know where to go from here.

The website is often the first contact people have to reach me for more information and to schedule a


I am physically drained from trying to do a market garden and I am mentally drained from dealing with

Simple.Biz.  I have no money for another website developer and would really not  know where to look.

Is there anything you can do to help me?  I don't know where to go from here or what else to do.

Thank you for your time.

This is follow up to the above correspondence.

I sent he above statement to several agencies for more information or help.  The only one I heard back

from was Better Business Bureau of the Upstate.  they called me as well as follow correspondence.

They stated that they couldn't do anything about my complaint because when they researched the

matter they found out that Simple.Biz was in the San Francisco by area.  So again, they told me totally

false information.

I am posting this to let y'all know of my experience and to hope that it will alert you to not let it happen

to you.


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