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A couple of years ago I purchased from a friend some equipment that I tought would make knitted goods nicer and faster than by hand.  It seemed that he had good succes with them.  Not so for me, I did not like the resulting product and found it very difficult to manage.  So I am going back to my old ways of kniting needles and crochet hooks.  Now I would like to sell those machines and give me more room in my fiber shed..  Here is the info on them.


Silver Reed 155 - chunky punch card knitter                                $700.00

Silver Reed SK 280                                                                                 $700.00

Knitting Machine (computer knit)

G-carriage Ribbing PK 900 Color changer KCE                            $1,200.00


If all purchased together the price is $2,600.00.

All machines come with instruction books.

Extra accessories and extra accessory tool boxes included.

Please come by to see them and for more info call 864-903-1856.

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