This is goat milk soap

 wrapped with alpaca

roving.  Soap comes

from another farm. 

Hand made by Tina

and Gloria.  $10.00

There are four styles of knitted hats,

stocking caps plain or multi color,

and roll up plain or multi color.

Hand made by Gloria. $20.00


These are all natural

alpaca dryer balls, 4 per 

bag with either lavender

or eucalyptus essential

oil.  Hand made by Gloria


These are crochet hats, several styles

and colors.  Some plain, some with contrasting trim.  Hand made by 

Gloria.  $20.00

Knit and crochet scarves, assorted colors, patterns and sizes.  Some solid colors, some multi colors.  All hand made by Gloria.  Wonderful one of a kind, special gift.  Hand made by  Gloria. $50.00

Heading 1

This is raw fleece just as

it comes off the alpaca

browns and off white.

Sold by the whole fleece

$50.00, or by gallon size

bag $10.00

This is roving, made from

mixing all the second grade

fleece together, Each year a

different color.  Preferred by

hand spinners.  Sold by the

gallon size bag for $15.00

Hat and scarf sets, dark brown, light brown and beige.  Approximately 8"x72",  with shell stitch crochet trim.  Hand made by Gloria.  $60.00

Yarn, 4 ounce skeins, mostly

2 ply fingering weight, but also

sport, DK and worsted.  Dark

brown, off white and beige.

Comes with alpaca picture.

$32.00 per skein, $8.00 per oz.

Two prayer shawls, medium brown crochet popcorn stitch and white knit moss stitch.  Bot h approximately 20"x88".  Wrap  for a really special 

occasion.  Hand made by Gloria.



Woven alpaca and linen rugs,

brown/beige fleece, white

fleece and brown/beige yarn.

Hand made by Helga Suitt

from our alpaca. 

Approximately 27"x44".  $300.00

These are small blankets, two crochet and three knit.  One solid color and the others multicolors.  Also various sizes.  My favorite thing to make.  Hand made by Gloria. $80.00-$150.00

These are sewn by Gloria,

mostly quilted or stuffed with

alpaca fleece. Hair is alpaca

yarn.  Pillows $25.00 each,

rabbit $50.00, doll $75.00.  Will make to your special order.

These are two knit triangular scarf or shawletts, medium brown and beige.  The dark brown one is crochet shell stitch with collar.  Lovely wraps.  Hand made by Gloria. $50.00-$125.00

These caps represent our farm

with logo and address.  Green

is my favorite color, adjustable 

size.  $15.00.

These are three vests, one small, one medium both pullovers  and one large with zipper.   Different styles and colors.  Hand made by Gloria. Range from $250.00, $200.00, $150.00.  

These are the newest made, infinity 

scarves, Light one is v-stitch crochet, 

the dark one is made on circular

knitting needles, basket weave.  Both

about 10" wide and quite long. 

Hand made by Gloria.  $50.00.

These are the last thing that I have

been working on.  Cowls long

enough to pull up like a hood.  Nice 

as scarf and hood together.  Several

styles and colors.  Approximately

14" long., Both crochet and knit.

Hand made by Gloria.  $60.00.